Moon Malware Has Attacked Your Linksys Router? – Semalt Knows How To Rectify This Problem

There is a malware attack by the name "The moon" which is attacking traditional routers such as the Linksys. This malware has the potential of compromising the security state of the computers and browsing at the user level.

Lisa Mitchell, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, says that the Linksys routers, as well as their wireless access points, are subject to this vulnerability and this can make your website or clients incur a huge loss because of internet fraud.

The Moon Malware

The Moon malware gets its potential from the way it bypasses the authentication. It makes it possible to login without having the possession of the admin credentials. Upon facing the malware infection, the Linksys router starts loading the entire port with numerous ports 80 and 8080 outbound traffic. There results in some substantial data activity, making your internet connection slow. The computers can get the infection too making their handling and CPU performance slow.

How to prevent The Moon Malware

The moon malware compromises the security of the internet connection. As a result, it is always essential to include a procedure or criterion for getting rid of this infection from the router. There are some steps which people can follow to get it out:

  • Access the web based setup of the router. It is important to visit their website and get information such as the model, serial number, IMEI as well as other relevant information. Some routers have this link at the back of their panel.
  • Ensure that your Linksys router has the latest firmware. If not, performing an over-the-air update or firmware flash can solve this issue. Linksys company keeps updating the firmware to combat some of the hack techniques which can penetrate it.
  • Go to the administration tab. The administration tab is on the top right corner next to the firmware version writings. Having the latest firmware, click this tab to proceed to the next step. Make sure that the on the checkbox of the remote management access, the check I set to "disabled."
  • From this point, click the Security tab. This stage is where you get some flexibility to customize some safety measures of your router. Check the Filter Anonymous Internet Requests option. If it is already in the selection, you can leave it that way. Some of the latest Linksys firmware's have this setting by default.
  • Save the settings of the router. After saving the configuration, it is necessary to power off the router. To do this, unplug it from the power source and plug it back in. As a result, the router clears the cache. It also gets rid of the malware which could have been in its operation.


Presence of malware in your router can also make the security of your browsing experience questionable. It is essential to check that your Linksys router is secure from viruses. Some of the ways to detect and clean malware from this router are on this journal. By resetting your router as well as clearing cache by restarting can help remove some malware. You can make your browsing experience to be safe as well as making your internet connection fast.

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